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Ideal Umbrella Gifts for Father's Day on 17th of June

It's Father's Day again on the 17th of June and for many of us it can be notoriously difficult to figure out what to buy our dads this time of year. With the weather in the UK being so unpredictable, why not give them a gift that can be used all year round?

At Brolliesgalore we have a wide range of umbrellas to suit all tastes and needs.  Whether your Dad needs an umbrella for the daily commute to work, for use on the golf course at weekends, or perhaps he simply needs a more stylish designer umbrella for special occasions, we are sure to have the ideal umbrella for you this Father's Day.

The choice of umbrellas in this blog post covers a wide range of styles to suit every budget. However, if none of these meet your gift-buying needs, you can see our full catalogue of umbrellas via the menu bar at the top of this page.

We hope these suggestions help you in choosing your Father's Day gift, but if you do have any further questions, please let us know at the bottom of this page, or you can always contact us directly.

Luxury Gents Umbrella with Chrome Greyhound Handle by Pasotti

This Luxury Gents Umbrella with Chrome Greyhound Handle is an elegant gentlemen's black umbrella, made by Italian designers Pasotti, would make a wonderful Father's Day gift for Dads who enjoy a day at the greyhound track. This exquisite designer umbrella has a canopy made from the finest Italian polyester. Also features a silver coloured automatic opening metal frame, and is topped by a beautifully made greyhound headed

chrome handle. Features tie band with popper fastener.
  • Automatic opening, silver coloured metal frame
  • Italian leather crook handle
  • Popper fastener
  • Made in Italy
  • Length including handle 96cm
  • Span when open approx 100cm
  • Weight 642g

Senz Original Walking Length Windproof Umbrella - Secret Fantasy

The Senz° Original Walking Length Windproof Umbrella in Secret Fantasy design is a robust windproof umbrella ideal for those Dads into outdoor pursuits. Black outer canopy and grey and black Secret Fantasy design on the underside. The first and number one storm umbrella: the Senz° original is comfortable, stylish and designed so that it will never go inside out, even in a storm! The unique aerodyamic shape ensures you’ll never have to struggle with your umbrella again. The Senz° Original aerofoil shape allows this umbrella to float on the wind, making it very easy to hold with just one hand. Designed and tested to withstand a serious storm, with winds up to 80 km/h. The senz° original will not let you down in bad weather. What's more, thanks to a protective layer in the canopy, the Senz° Original offers UV protection of 50+ SPF. Ideal for sun, wind and rain! Comes complete with a luxury carry sleeve for ease of portability when not in use.
  • By Senz Umbrellas
  • Pull to open mechanism
  • Soft-touch sponge handle
  • Luxury carry sleeve with strap to carry over your shoulders when not in use
  • Unique eyesaver safety tips at the end of each rib
  • Streamlined aerofoil profile makes walking in windy conditions easier
  • Windproof tested up to 80 km/h
  • High quality canopy offers UV protection of 50+ SPF
  • Length including handle 79cm
  • Span when open approx 90 x 87cm
  • Weight 440g
Blunt XL Golf Umbrella - Red

If you are looking for a Father's Day gift with the height of windproof technology, look no further than the Blunt XL Golf Umbrella, here in Red. The Blunt XL is a revolutionary extra-strong, extra-large red windproof umbrella with Radial Tensioning System. 6 Double struts with telescopic floating ribs. This redirects, transfers and distributes tension right to the edge, where it is needed most. Creating a substantial unflappable, aerodynamic windproof canopy which provides effective shelter even in stormy conditions way beyond the capability of any conventional umbrella. Generous golf sized canopy.
  • By Blunt Umbrellas
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish tube for extra protection and storage
  • Length including handle 94cm
  • Span when open approx 137cm
  • Weight 875g

Fulton Open & Close 11 - Automatic Folding Umbrella Black

If the walking length and golf umbrellas are a bit too long for your gift-buying needs this Father's Day, then why not consider a compact automatic open & close folding umbrella that can fit easily into a briefcase or bag. The Black Fulton Open & Close Folding Umbrella by British manufacturers Fulton features a luxurious woven fabric and boasts an automatic open and close mechanism at the simple touch of a button. The umbrella has an extra large cover and comfortable wooden crook handle.
  • Automatic opening & closing at the touch of a button
  • Comfortable wooden crook handle
  • Extra large cover
  • Luxurious woven fabric
  • Length including handle 33cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 473g

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The Blunt Umbrella - A Robust and Hard-Working Umbrella

This time of year the weather can be changeable to say the least, and as we look forward to those lovely summer days we have the spring showers to get out of the way first. An umbrella is (sadly) still a necessity at this time of year in the UK.

However with those showers we can expect to see some gusty windy days too, so we would recommend choosing a brolly that works well in both rain and wind. In these situations, one umbrella in particular stands out. The Blunt Umbrella.

Exceedingly popular with our customers, the Blunt Umbrella is the ultimate windproof umbrella that has been wind-tunnel tested to cope with the most extreme wind gusts. Its top performance windproof nature, coupled with its quality canopy, makes this a great choice to deal with whatever the weather throws at us.

At Brolliesgalore we have the Blunt Umbrella available in three main sizes: The Blunt Classic, the Blunt XL Golf Umbrella and the Blunt XS Metro folding umbrella.

Where it all began - The Blunt Classic Umbrella

Revolutionary extra-strong windproof Blunt Classic umbrella in Red with Radial Tensioning System. 6 Double struts with telescopic floating ribs. This redirects, transfers and distributes tension right to the edge, where it is needed most. Creating an unflappable, aerodynamic windproof canopy proven on winds up to force 12 (117km/h)! Way beyond the capability of any conventional umbrella. Very generous canopy.
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish tube for extra protection and storage
  • Length including handle 84cm
  • Span when open approx 120cm
  • Weight 640g

When size matters - The Blunt XL Golf Umbrella

The Blunt XL, here in Blue, is a revolutionary extra-strong, extra-large aqua blue windproof umbrella with Radial Tensioning System. 6 Double struts with telescopic floating ribs. This redirects, transfers and distributes tension right to the edge, where it is needed most. Creating a substantial unflappable, aerodynamic windproof canopy which provides effective shelter even in stormy conditions way beyond the capability of any conventional umbrella. Generous golf sized canopy.
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish tube for extra protection and storage
  • Length including handle 94cm
  • Span when open approx 137cm
  • Weight 875g

Compact for the commuter - The Blunt XS Metro

The Blunt XS Metro Folding Umbrella in Yellow features a 2 stage folding mechanism with the strength of Blunt RTS, BluntÒs revolutionary Radial Tensioning System. RTS creates an unflappable, aerodynamic weather canopy. It has been proven in winds up to Force 12 (>117 km/h) - way beyond the capability of any conventional umbrella. And its uniquely hard-wearing design means it will be a pleasure to use, year after year.
  • By Blunt Umbrellas
  • Auto open mechanism
  • 6 ribs
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish tube for extra protection and storage
  • Length including handle 36cm
  • Span when open approx 95cm
  • Weight 373g
Visit our full range of Blunt Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore today.
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Bugzz PVC Dome Umbrellas for Kids Back in Stock

The fabulous Bugzz PVC Dome Umbrellas for Kids are now back in stock at Brolliesgalore. Three of the most popular designs in this range had been out of stock for a while, but we now have the Ladybirds and Brollies, the Butterflies & Daisies and the Ponies & Hearts Bugzz Domed umbrellas available once more!

Bugzz PVC Domed Kids Umbrellas Back in Stock at Brolliesgalore

A thank you...

On the subject of the Bugzz Domed umbrellas we definitely need to send out a huge (and belated) thank you to Carol - a blogger, photographer and author of a fantastic family-oriented creative lifestyle blog at She very kindly gave us permission to use a photograph during our website redesign earlier in the year for the Bugzz Category at Brolliesgalore!

Copyright 2017 Oakhouse Photography

© 2017 Oakhouse Photography.
All Rights Reserved

Out of all the lifestyle images that we had looked for, the one of her son splashing about with his Bugzz Frog umbrella just fitted our needs perfectly, and I'm sure you will agree that it is not only a lovely image, but incredibly cute too! We are very grateful to her husband Tony at Oakhouse Photography for allowing us to use the photograph as well. Why not check out more of their work here:

So if you are looking for that last-minute gift idea or stocking filler for the little ones, you still have time to order for delivery before Christmas. Our last posting dates can be found on the front page of our website. But to recap, the last posting date for Standard delivery is tomorrow 20th December, and for Express Delivery it is Thursday 21st December.

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Cath Kidston Autumn Umbrella Collection 2017

In our blog this week we thought we would take a look through some more new designs that have appeared on our site at Brolliesgalore this past week. Cath Kidston has released a new collection of designer umbrellas for the Autumn. A well-known household brand, Cath Kidston designs are well known for their lovely floral prints, homeware, bags and accessories. Brolliesgalore has been retailers of the Cath Kidston range of umbrellas for many years and we pride ourselves on providing the Cath Kidston brand values with excellent customer service.

The designer Cath Kidston is one of Britain’s most popular retail designers, with her attractive vintage prints and countryside style. Cath Kidston umbrellas are also made by British manufacturers Fulton Umbrellas, so you can be sure of an umbrella that is excellent quality, well made and robust enough to deal with the not-so-accommodating British weather. These new umbrellas display her distinctive and traditional designs, and they are the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates excellent quality with a sense of nostalgia. This season's range features a variety of floral prints using a gorgeous range of colours.

The Cath Kidston Autumn/Winter 2017 Range at Brolliesgalore

Cath Kidston Minilite Folding Umbrella - Beaumont Rose

Manual Minilite folding umbrella features delightfully bold Beaufort Rose design by Cath Kidston over a navy canopy. This umbrella has a matching wrist strap attached to the colour co-ordinated soft-touch handle, perfectly finishing off this stylish folding designer brolly. Very compact and lightweight when folded but this umbrella has a full size cover when open.
  • Manual opening, lightweight aluminium/fibreglass frame, 6 ribs
  • Very compact when folded but with a full size cover when open
  • High performance polyester pongee cover
  • Length including handle 25cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 240g

Cath Kidston Superslim Mini Folding Umbrella - Trailing Rose

These superslim umbrellas features a trailing rose design by Cath Kidston and bear the Cath Kidston label. The Superslim is the lightest umbrella Fulton have ever produced yet full size when open!
  • 3 stage manual aluminium/fibreglass frame for extra strength and flexibility
  • Exceptionally slim, round, lightweight umbrella
  • Only 3cm wide when folded. Opens to standard size umbrella
  • 6 ribs - rib length: 50cm
  • High performance polyester pongee cover
  • Length including handle 22cm
  • Span when open approx 86cm
  • Weight 138g

Cath Kidston Birdcage Dome PVC Umbrella - Lulworth Flowers

PVC patterned domed umbrella to cover head and shoulders made by Fulton Umbrellas featuring a Lulworth Flowers floral design by Cath Kidston.
  • Manual fibreglass frame for extra strength, 8 ribs
  • Patented extended runner for ease of opening and closing
  • Deep transparent PVC cover for ease of vision when walking
  • Fading blue-to-clear crook handle, tips and ferrule
  • Length including handle 93cm
  • Span when open approx 86cm
  • Weight 560g
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Beautiful 'Bonnie' Bisetti Brollies

It's been a busy few weeks at Brolliesgalore as we are working on the redesign of out website. We are just in the midst of ironing out a few issues but once those are completed we hope to have the rejuvenated site up and running for you all soon.

Alongside the website refresh, we have also been busy adding new stock to our site. One particular range of umbrellas that I'm sure will be a hit with our customers is the new Bisetti brollies. We have named these 'Bonnie' since not only are they very pretty, they have a distinctly Scottish flavour to them with flourishes of green and blue tartan among the fabulous floral designs.

There are three models available, each of which you can see below, and they have slight twists in their designs. So whether you prefer flowers over tartan, or tartan over flowers, you will be sure to find the best design for your tastes in this gorgeous range of Bisetti Umbrellas.

Available in three designs: Rose Border, Tartan Border and Ditsy Border; not only do these umbrellas each feature an attractive canopy, but they have been designed with a trusty aluminium frame and fibreglass ribs to offer the optimum balance between strength and weight. The Bonnie Bisetti Brollies also feature a wooden crook handle and beautiful antique brass effect fittings. The canopy provides excellent coverage when opened to its rather capacious 95cm span, keeping you well-sheltered from the elements.

Dimensions of the Bonnie Bisetti Umbrellas:
  • Walking Length Umbrella with trendy tartan canopy
  • Polyester canopy, Aluminium & frame and Fibreglass ribs
  • Wooden Crook Handle
  • Automatic Opening
  • Length 90cm; Span when open 95cm
  • Weight 430g
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New Range of Hire Umbrellas for 2017

New Range of Hire Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore for 2017

New Hire Umbrella Brochure & Expanded Range

It has been a few months in the preparation, but we are very happy to announce today that our new and expanded Hire Umbrella brochure for weddings and events is now available online at Brolliesgalore!

Our customers have been asking for more choice, and we listened.

We have expanded the range and options available in our hire umbrellas category, so our customers now have a huge variety of umbrella hire packs from which to choose! All the options are now available to view in our online brochure.

Our Combination Hire Umbrella Packs feature our most popular umbrella hire packs in a range of different styles suitable for a range of events from weddings and garden parties to outdoor gatherings. Choose from our Elegance Hire Pack, featuring our popular Lisbeth and Lily umbrellas in three different colour choices - Ivory, White and Black. Or why not inject some colour with our Spectrum, Tea Party and Chocolate Box Umbrella Hire Packs. We also have the Harlequin Hire Pack, for those looking for a more monochromatic colour scheme, and finally our beautiful floral umbrellas feature in the Flower Power Umbrella Hire Pack. All of these packs come with a delightful umbrella pot, allowing you to provide the umbrellas to your guests in style.

Secondly we have our Pick'n'Mix Umbrella Hire Packs, this expanded range of hire packs feature a smaller quantity of umbrellas per pack, allowing you to mix and match different styles of umbrellas in order to create your own bespoke pack according to your needs. Choose from a wide range of Pick'n'Mix packs which include, our popular Chauffeur Golf Umbrellas, Wedding Walkers, Lily Pagodas, Lisbeth Flounce, Romantica and Battenberg Lace Parasols, not to mention our colourful Rainbow Walker Umbrellas and our ultra-trendy White Bircage Umbrellas for that ultimate retro look.

If you'd like to add a bit of colour to the event, why not mix-and-match your hire umbrellas with our Plain Colour Packs too? These come in packs of 6 umbrellas, and with a huge range of colour options to chose from you will be able to colour coordinate the packs to suit the needs of your event!

Finally, if you need one or two extra umbrellas, be sure to take advantage of the ability to order Extra Single Hire Umbrellas so that you have the exact number of umbrellas you require.

We hope that this expanded range of Hire Umbrellas for 2017 will not only provide you with a wider range of hire packs from which to choose, but also provide a little inspiration for the theme of your event too!
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